Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Blowhan...

Sources close to Lohan claims she sees real parallels between her life and that of the Monroe and is pitching a remake to Hollywood bosses. According to OK! magazine, director Brett Ratner has already rejected the idea, but Lohan isn't giving up (she should of just showed up on his casting couch) An insider tells the tabloid, "Lindsay is pinning her hopes on getting a remake of 'Some Like It Hot' off the ground. "She's undaunted, but there's no script and there's no money. The only thing Lindsay has to sell is herself. "She sees herself as the second coming of Marilyn Monroe -- misunderstood, talented and in desperate need of an incredible film vehicle that will truly showcase her talents."

Seriously what world or what drugs is this girl on because she needs to share some. Did I just read that right or are aliens f'ing with my head (it happens ) but there is no money, no director and no script... Ummmm Im not a hollywood actor or anything but the last time I read I think you need to have those in order for anything to get off the ground.. Her last good movie was Mean Girls and it was just downhill from there. She has a new spray tan out that makes you look like poo that she ripped off from someone else, and gross ass leggins that I wouldnt wear even it was paid to.. wait a minute yes I would I have no shame..

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