Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Another Hollywood Celebutard out of the hospital aka the pretty white place where you wear form fitting jackets so you can hug yourself all day long. It was reported that Lindsey Hohan told her she needed help after she collasped at a party from exhaustion over the summer, must of been some good drugs thanks for the invite.. Seriously when Hohan tells you you have a problem there must be a problem or maybe she was mad cuz Mischa was snorting up all the good stuff.. Im on to you Lohan!!!

Well as you can see she is out of rehab with that fresh rehab bloat... when will these girls learn.. I swear celebs use going to rehab because they had a really bad hangover.. simple solution lots of water before bed.. Honestly though has anyone actually done that im lucky I dont pass out in my shoes holding the egg and cheese i got from Dunkin Donuts claiming its the best thing I ever had... trust..

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