Thursday, July 30, 2009

OH MEL!!!!

Mel Gibson and his new girlfriend (whos knocked up cough cough homewrecker) were at a new club in LA called the PlayHouse when some photog from Life & Style tried to snap a picture of the 2 what happened next was Mel trying to snap him in 2!!- credit the Jesus Juice!

Hollyscoop says that the reporter pretended to be a "fan" and took a picture of Mel and the homewrecker sorry Oksana and Mel's bodyguards immediately grabbed her camera to delete the pictures.

It didnt stop there to get a picture someone else tried to get one and thats when Mel went all crazy on the reporter and opened up a can a whoop ass where the reporter later filed a battery report.. Serioulsy why cant this happen to me, get beat up by a hollywood star and get some loot seems and live off a lawsuit it seems to be the way these days because me standing in a crosswalk waiting for oncoming traffic isnt quite working out for me.. Someday.. good to have goals you know

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