Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jessica Simpson Gets 10k Ring

If you didn't already know Jessica just went through a breakup, you really would have no way of telling from the way she was behaving at the event," an eyewitness told E! News. "She really seemed happy."
Even though Simpson refused to talk to any press while at the event, Joe Simpson says his daughter is doing fine. "She's good. She's doing very good," he said.

Word is Tony Roho dumped Jessica after he found out that John Mayer had been texting.. why women love this guy is beyond me he looks like a corpse! Tony has gone so far as to put her on a do not let in list at the gates of his house.. Has he not heard of ex-sex? Then again she might be the type to show up in a wedding dress and not leave. Maybe she should take some tips from LeahAnn Rimes (note to self something to do this weekend) The last time I got dumped all I got was a case of sads and a bottle of Boones

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