Friday, July 31, 2009

And the Babys Momma is...Samantha Burke..

Sources say DNA tests confirmed that the baby is in fact Jude's. Samantha's attorney released this statement to TMZ: "Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall. Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy.

Yeah I heard the name and said WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???? Its confirmed that shes gonna name the baby Mo Monay' Law kidding... This is how its done ladies screw getting hit in crosswalk wait what is more painful?? Getting hit by a car or having a baby Ill have to think about this one and get back to ya..

This is Judes 4th kid damn hes got Kfed or should I say K-Well Fed (if you see recent pictures you will understand)beat.. Jude its apparent your boys can swim did a condom ever come to mind they can be found at your local Rite Aid.. Speaking of Rite Aid wine tasting at 4pm... mmm wine...

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